Transitional Dresses

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Summer has always been my favorite season. But now that it’s mid-August it seems like it’s kind of coming to an end. Without fail, about this time every season I start getting tired of my current wardrobe. And feel like I wear the same combo of clothes over and over again. In southern California we don’t really get a “fall.” If we’re lucky by the middle of November it finally starts to cool off, but this makes me never want to buy real fall pieces. To combat this I’ve started looking at dresses I can wear now that will still transition into the fall season.


What to look for in transitional dresses… 

  • Colors you won’t mind wearing in the next few months – like this one in a yellow that’s more mustard than sunshine.
  • Dresses that will look just as good with booties as they will with sandals – like this one and this one with their longer sleeves.
  • Easy to layer on top of – like this striped midi and this playful swing dress.

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Do you have any tricks for transitioning your wardrobe? I’d love to hear!