My clothing purchases over the last 10+ months have heavily leaned toward comfort and practicality. I’ve bought a lot less fancy things like dresses, heels and accessories and a lot more wardrobe basics and loungewear. I’m also embracing wearing my loungewear out in public… or as public as I go these days (the grocery store) and don’t see that changing any time soon. Today I want to share the 10 lounge wear and pajama sets I’ve been loving.

from above:

camo hoodie, joggers, slippers, leopard hoodie, joggers, cardigan, tie dyed pullover and joggers

pajama set, slippers 

leopard pajamas, striped pajamas 

pullover, pants

my pajamas and slippers, Crosby’s pajamas

lounge set, slippers 

polka dot pullover, pants, striped pajamas