When I was pregnant one of the questions I was asked the most was if I was going to nurse my baby. I always answered, of course, what could be so hard?! I was so naive then. HA! Nothing prepared me for how hard breast feeding was. It’s really a full time job between learning how, getting the baby to latch and how often you have to do it, especially at first. Now that I’m three months in I feel like I’m finally starting to get it.

Over the last few weeks I actually had a couple of requests for nursing friendly clothing so I decided to put together this post. I will say one thing I regret buying were nursing tanks. I think I wore one home from the hospital and then never again. Most of the time you don’t need nursing specific clothing and can make do with whatever I’m wearing. That said, I’ve learned what I can and can’t wear… unless I want to take the whole thing off. Buttons, wraps and anything off the shoulder or one shoulder are the easiest.

I also wanted to share some of my favorite nursing bras. Again, you can wear a regular bra and just take it off but these are great when you’re on the go.

Other nursing favorites are this breast friend pillow (don’t buy a boppy for nursing, they’re too flimsy and not helpful) and this mulit-use cover.

Hope this helps – happy weekend!