If I’m being honest this pregnancy is flying by too fast for my liking. I know that’s an unpopular thing for a pregnant girl to say but I’m a little scared with just how quickly it’s going. At the beginning it was going sooo slow and part of me wishes I could go back to that. I’m over 26 weeks pregnant now – almost 7 months and almost to the third trimester. Insane! I thought it was time I should do a little update here since I really haven’t done any this time around.

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First things first, I feel huge. I think my bump has tripled in size since Thanksgiving. I actually have a doctor’s appointment today so we’ll see how much weight I’ve gained. At my last appointment a month ago I’d gained 13 pounds already. I only gained 22 with Crosby but most of that was in the second trimester too. My weight gain really slowed down when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

Since I had GD last time I was tested early in the second trimester… I failed the one hour test but passed the three hour. This week I’m being tested again, but since I’ve never passed a one hour test I’m going straight to the three hour one. It’s not my favorite thing but I’ll feel better once it’s behind me. I’m also grateful I got to go through the holidays without a diagnosis… ie strict diet to follow.

Like I mentioned in my last post we haven’t started on the nursery. But pretty much the day I found out it was a boy I started a Pinterest board for the room. I shared my ideas in my last post. However, something came over me the other day and I started thinking of going a completely different direction. Now I’m torn… but since we haven’t started on the room I have some time to figure it out.

Everyone keeps asking me if Crosby knows she’s going to have a little brother. I think she’s still too young to grasp that. She has been really cute with my growing baby bump, she loves to point at it and say “baybee” and sometimes she even points to her tummy when someone asks where the baby is.

Aside from some lower back pain I’ve been feeling pretty good. I still need to buy a pregnancy pillow like this one. I’ve been oiling up my belly like a Thanksgiving turkey daily with this oil – I used it with Crosby too and didn’t get any stretch marks. Fingers crossed it works again.

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Hope you have a great day – thanks for reading and following!