I’m over half-way through my second pregnancy and if there’s anything I learned from the first time it’s that getting dressed isn’t always easy. Luckily last time I picked up some tricks (aka closet staples) to soften the blow. I have a couple of tried and true pairs of jeans that I’m still fitting in/relying on heavily. And I’ve also been trying out two new pairs of maternity jeans. 


First let’s talk about the non-maternity jeans…

jacket c/o, top, jeans (more sizes in different washes)

Pair #1 is Topshop and they are $75. I wore these bad boys almost the whole way through my pregnancy with Crosby. They’re super skinny but have a lot of give. I was so pleasantly surprised when I went to put them on after I gave birth, thinking they’d probably be all stretched out and weird, but they fit perfectly. They’re some sort of magic which is why I’m wearing them again this time. My only complaint is the fly hasn’t been laying right the past couple of weeks. Making my half-tuck not possible. 

sweater c/o, jeans

Pair #2 is Free People and they are $47. Like the Topshop pair, these come in a variety of washes and are super skinny with a lot of give. Sadly I can’t report on their stretch-out factor because I purchased these after my last pregnancy. Since they’re so similar to the Topshop pair, I’m hoping they hold up as well. I lived in them before my pregnancy and have been just as comfortable during. 

Moving on to the maternity jeans…

top, jeans

Pair #1 is from Madewell. I purchased these on Cyber Monday for about $60, normally they’re $138 but are still available in a couple of sizes and on sale for $80. Typically maternity jeans are fitted weird – baggy around the ankles and legs because they think pregnancy = swollen. These are very fitted like a typical pair of skinny jeans. I also love the wash, raw hem and distressing. I read the reviews before I ordered and went up one size. Usually I wear a 24 in Madewell but got these in a 25. They’re still pretty tight so I’m not sure they’ll take me through my whole pregnancy but I am enjoying them now. I also wish they came up a bit higher in the front. 

Madewell has more maternity jeans HERE

sweater c/o, jeans c/o, shoes

Pair #2 is from Ingrid & Isabel and they are $118. These were too long on me so I decided to cut the hem… while I was at it, I went ahead and cut a hole into each knee. Unlike the Madewell pair, I found these to run large. I got a size 25 and definitely still have room. They’ll probably be really comfortable when I’m into the 3rd trimester. Again, I wish they came up higher in the front. 

Ingrid & Isabel has more maternity jeans HERE