Wilder is 7 months old today! He’s a dream baby and I feel like this past month was a pretty busy one for him. These monthly pizza photos are getting more and more challenging as he grows and becomes even more active. We had so many outtakes where he was really trying to get the pizza. I’m anticipating them only getting harder in the next five months.

Wilder got his first tooth the day before he turned 6 months and his second came exactly two weeks later. He started army crawling and gets around so well. And in the past week or so he’s started to get into the classic crawl position on his knees and rock back and forth. Dying to keep up with his sister! He’s been eating more and seems to like trying new food. He continues to be the sweetest and smiliest guy and sleeps like a champ.

He’s getting chunky but still fits into 3-6 or 6-9 month sizes. I think he’s pretty much right on track with growth.

We’ve been feeding him purees from Yumi once a day… or every other day if I’m too busy. So far he loves them! We’ve really only been giving him veggies – carrots, kale, chard, spinach, sweet potato and they’ve all been a hit. He loves holding the spoon and trying to feed himself and gets frustrated when I take it away. He sits in Crosby’s old high chair that we still love and these are my favorite spoons to feed him. I also give him water in this sippy cup. He’s not that interested in it yet but I want him to be familiar with it.

I’m still nursing him at least once a day and use these bottles the rest of the time. This machine is probably the baby item I couldn’t live without if I was forced to decide. It’s so helpful in making bottles the right amount and temperature. Like a Keurig for babies.

This was a totally random post, but completely sums up where we are right now!

Hope you’ve had a great weekend – thank you so much for reading and following!