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I can’t believe I only have 14 weeks left of this pregnancy! Especially when I think of the list of things I still have to do… basically everything. I always heard things were more relaxed the second time around and that’s really holding true for us. By this point in my pregnancy with Crosby her room was almost finished. Definitely not the case this time around.

I get a lot of questions about going from a girl to boy and how he’ll be styled. We’ve started to buy a few things (so have our moms), but haven’t gone too crazy yet. Now that I’ve had a baby I know what kinds of things you really need at the beginning. I’ve been buying mostly pajamas and am really drawn to neutral colors and blacks and whites. After I took this photo I realized I need to start buying him some hats. I just added this one and this one to my amazon cart.

As far as the nursery goes, it’s kind of a shuffle. We are moving Crosby into our guest room and making her room the nursery. We’re doing this switch because it’s the closest to our room and makes sense for the baby to be the one sharing a wall with us. Before we can start on his room we have to completely clear out the guest room and move Crosby’s things into it. It sounds really daunting to me right now but it’s probably something we’ll be able to tackle it in a weekend. We gave ourselves a deadline of the end of January for this move. We want Crosby to get settled and adjusted in her new room long before baby arrives so she doesn’t associate it with him. I know he won’t be sleeping in his nursery for at least a few months after he’s born but I want it to be done before he’s here.

Nursery Inspiration:

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I’m currently on the lookout for a black and white rug for the room. I’m pretty set on this crib. Already bought this lion cub print and am wanting a desert scape like this one for over the crib. I’m also searching for a light wood mobile for over the crib. We’re keeping the rocker and pouf we used with Crosby in the room.

So there’s a little update that makes me excited and gives me anxiety for everything that we have to do. Happy Monday!