banana republic dress

How am I over halfway through my pregnancy?! It really goes by so fast! I thought today I would share a little bumpdate, I’ve been loving reading other bloggers pregnancy experiences.

I also wanted to share this dressy fall outfit from Banana Republic. This dress is not maternity and runs a true-to-size for BR (I’m wearing a 0 Regular for reference). I think I’ll be able to wear it for a couple more months… or maybe I’m naive to think that?

How far along: About 20.5 weeks which is 5 months.

Name: We have a few names we like but aren’t decided on one and won’t be sharing with anyone until she’s born.

How I’m Feeling: I’ve been very lucky and haven’t gotten sick at all. The first trimester I was pretty tired all the time, but now that I’m well into the second I have more energy as long as I get a full night’s sleep. A weird symptom I’ve had is a whooshing in my ears that sounds like my heartbeat. My doctor said that’s completely normal, but it’s annoying.

Cravings: First trimester all I wanted was bread and sugar and that’s still what I crave. However I’ve been trying to add in more salads and veggies this trimester. Hunger comes on really quickly, but I get full fast. It’s strange.

Aversions: I still don’t really want meat… unless it’s fried. But over the weekend I was craving a meatball sub and that was delicious.

Weight Gain: I’ve gained about 6 pounds but I know it’s going to start speeding up from here.

Physical Changes: I feel like the bump popped at 20 weeks exactly. Before that I was in the awkward phase of “is she pregnant or is she just eating a lot of pizza?” Which I was! Now when I wear tight clothing I have a bump, but if I wear looser tops or dresses it’s still kind of hidden. And I can still fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans, which is a huge blessing.

Gender: We found out through a blood test at 12 weeks before we even announced our pregnancy. It was probably my favorite part of the pregnancy so far.

Purchases: Lots of baby clothes and accessories! She’s so fun to shop for. We’ve also starting clearing out the nursery and purchased a rug from the room which should be arriving any day now.

banana republic dress

banana republic dress

banana republic dress

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banana republic dress

This post was sponsored by Banana Republic, all opinions are my own.