When we moved Crosby into a different bedroom last year before Wilder was born it never really got decorated and styled how I wanted. For the last several months we’ve been planning a room makeover to update her room and finally decorate it. I’m so excited to share the design inspiration, so you can get a feel for what the room will look like.

First a big girl bed! We actually purchased a rattan daybed at World Market a few months ago. It has since sold out, but this one is pretty similar. Crosby started climbing out of her crib late last summer so we converted it into a toddler bed. She sleeps really well in there at night, but her naps are a different story. You’ve probably seen me share the misadventures of her daily naps on my IG story. They’re a challenge! It’s very rare she falls asleep in her bed… if she does sleep it’s usually on the floor somewhere after she’s exhausted herself playing. I’ve found her in some crazy places… both her closet and hamper. Needless to say she no longer has a hamper in her room.

Something I’m really excited about is this wallpaper! I am all about wallpaper for a statement or accent wall. We’re going to use this on two walls in her room. There’s wainscoting on the walls so this will be above that behind her bed and dresser. It’s going to be such a fun statement.

We had a much bolder rug in her nursery that we moved into this room originally. I loved it at the time but really wanted to change it up. We actually got this rug a few months ago and love it. I think it’s going to look so pretty with the rest of the room.

I’ve been eying this quilt from Target’s Opal House line for awhile now and actually just ordered it. I love the warm coral colors and think it’s going to look so good with the rest of the room.

That’s what we have so far! It’s a beachy/boho vibe that feels a lot more grown up than her current room.