My blogging has been sub-par this week because I’ve been battling the flu. If I could turn back time, (cue Cher song) I would have gotten a flu shot weeks months ago, but I didn’t think about it because I’m pretty healthy.

Anyway, to make up for my absence and in a fever induced state I’ve put together a wish list of items I’m crushing on. I might look back on this when I’m healthy and not want a single thing… but for now, here they are.

flu season

1. ASOS bag

2. Felix Rey umbrella

3. Gap flats

 4.  Club Monaco dress

5. Reiss leather jacket

6. Dior book set

7. Target succulent 

8. sequin clutch

9. Top Shop shorts

10. Karen Walker sunglasses

11. J. Crew bracelet 

12. Asos heels

Any tips to fight the flu QUICK?! I’m supposed to go somewhere fun this weekend.