I’ve been dying to visit the Carlsbad Flower Fields the past few years but was never able to get down there during the season… until yesterday. Jeff, Crosby and I headed out the door bright and early to get to the fields when they opened and it was seriously SO gorgeous! Let me apologize in advance for the number of photos in this post… we were a little snap happy with how pretty it was in person.

There are rows and rows of brightly colored ranunculus along a hillside and everyone who visits seems to be there for the same reason… to photograph it. They have designated photo areas cut out of the fields where you can easily snap photos.

We mostly stuck to those areas, but we did cross the green tape a few times to get some of these shots. #sorrynotsorry

They have people patrolling the area who cruise around on golf carts, and if they see you cross the tape they yell at you. Our secret was to be very very fast and not to trample any flowers. It was also super late in the season (they close for the year next week) so I didn’t feel as bad about trespassing. No ranunculus were harmed in taking these photos.

I wore this floral jumpsuit to attempt to blend in. Did it work?! 😉 Stay tuned, I knew it would be gorgeous there so I brought along another outfit to shoot too.

On a related note, Holland has tulip fields that I’d love to visit someday. Have you been to either? I’d love to hear about it!

sunglasses, jumpsuit, similar bag and similar, similar shoes