And just like that Crosby is 10 months old! Her first Birthday is so close, it’s bittersweet. This month she’s gotten a lot stronger and is closer to walking. She also cut her first two teeth! We were wondering when those would make an appearance.

She’s still really petite but healthy. At this point she’s been in her 3-6 month sizes since she was about 7 months old. I definitely feel like we get the most wear out of her clothes.

She’s really busy and has fun playing with toys that challenge her. I’ll share her favorite things from last month below. She got a lot of new toys for Christmas and has had so much fun with them.

Walker – a Christmas gift that grows with baby since it’s sit-to-stand. At this point Crosby is pushing it around the house!

Swing – we hung this on a tree in our backyard and she loves swinging it it. It’s so cute to see the faces she makes and her hair blow as she goes.

Push car – another Christmas gift that she loves. We have a large patio in our backyard so I can easily push her around there, or bring it out on the street for a short walk.

Activity table – she’s starting to get into this more and more. Each side has something different for her to do and its amazing to see her learning from it.

Alaphapup – this is a cute little dog that she loves. Warning, so many baby toys play music that get stuck in your head all day!

High Chair – we love our high chair. It grows from baby to toddler seat and isn’t bulky or overly baby looking. But what I really love is how easy it is to move around the house. We’re constantly moving it from our kitchen table, to dining table, etc. It’s also really easy to wipe clean.

Hope you have a great week – thanks for reading!