Every month I start out the post by saying I can’t believe Crosby is X months old! And today she’s 6 months old – half a year! How??? Time really is the greatest thief and I wish there was a way to freeze it.

She’s super playful, wiggly and a lot of fun right now. I’ve been saying this for a few weeks but she is on the verge of crawling. Right now she gets up on her knees, bounces around and can get around pretty well. This is why her knees are red in these photos – ha! Child proofing is in our near future.

The biggest change this month was she outgrew her bassinet. Size-wise she fit fine, but she was all over the place and scared us thinking she was going to crawl out. So what did we do? We moved her crib into our room. #FirstTimeParents Our room is huge so it’s not really a problem but I think we’ll move it back into her room soon – with her in it of course.

Size-wise she’s still really petite. We just had her 6 month checkup and she weighs 12 pounds 15 oz and still wears 0-3 month clothing. Holding strong at the 5th percentile. She seems small but we have to remember that Jeff and I are on the smaller side and she’s right on track to where she should be.

I’m linking all of our favorites below-

Jumperoo – A few weeks ago I started thinking she was getting a little bored of her activity mat playmat so we bought her this jumperoo. At first she just kind of sat in it looking at everything, but now she’s really active in it and jumps around like crazy. It’s a little larger than most of her things so we keep it in her room for now.

WubbaNub – We’ve been giving her the WubbaNub since she was a few weeks old, so it’s nothing new. But over the past few months it’s really become a comfort for her to have. She uses it to self soothe and I love that she’s able to put it back in her mouth herself if it falls out.

Sophie Teething Ring – we have the original Sophie too, but this teether is a bit smaller and easier for Crosby to hold. I’m not sure if she’s teething yet but she loves putting everything in her mouth.

Bouncer – This bouncer has been our favorite for the last three months. Like I said Crosby is very active (our doctor said her activity is that of a 9-month old) and this is a great place for her to get some wiggles out and strengthen her legs while doing so. It’s a pretty simple bouncer but she loves it and it’s super light and easy to move around the house.

Bambo Nature products – I’ve mentioned these a few times before but they’re the best. We use the diapers, wipes and skincare lineand love that they’re all natural products that are super gentle for a baby.

Freshly Picked Moccasins – I’ve been putting these on her feet since the newborn size started to fit at about 2 months. My absolute favorite baby shoes because they seem comfortable and actually stay on. She’s in the size 1’s now and I love that there’s such a big variety.

Taggies – She loves these! They’re great for tactile stimulation and keep her busy for a long time – or until she drops it.

Lil’ Lemons – I don’t normally put clothes in this category but I was recently introduced to this line. Made by For Love and Lemons but the sweetest baby clothes for boys and girls and even big kids. Because I love them so much I asked them for a discount code to share – you can get 20% off with code ASHLEYT20.

– current favorite baby clothes –

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