Mason jars are really having their moment. The past year or so they’ve been everywhere from weddings to county fairs. It’s a fun trend that I don’t see going away for awhile so why not embrace it?

For my Birthday my mom bought me a mason jar wine glass from Bed Bath & Beyond. A few weeks later, I wanted to buy one for a friend but they were sold out! I decided to take matters into my own hands and make them myself. Not only was it super simple, but the total cost per glass was only about $5, as opposed to around $15 at BB&B.

You will need…

mason jar(s)

candle stick(s)

glass glue*

*I used super glue at first but glass glue works much better.

the glass on the right is the one I got for my Birthday.

step one: place glue around the top edge of the candlestick.

step two: place glue along the base of the mason jar.

step three: hold jar and candlestick together to set for two minutes.

The glass on the left is the one from BB&B. Identical, right?


I experimented with smaller jars for a smaller goblet. Any size will work!

I always hand wash my glasses to keep them safe.

Have fun!!