I always thought a baby would be harder to wash than a dog… boy was I wrong! This little lady is the wiggliest fighter when it comes to bath time. We have to physically get in the tub with her or she won’t cooperate. It’s always a party, let me tell you.

About a week ago Jeff let Mackie out in our backyard like we do every night before bed. Unfortunately that night there was a skunk in our yard that sprayed her! We spent the next few hours bathing her with a mixture Jeff found a recipe for online… and she still smelled a bit the next day.

That same week Moen sent us this Propel Spot Handheld Shower to give Mackie more of a spa-like experience. We’d actually been wanting one for our guest bathroom for this very reason. Gone are the days of filling the tub and using whatever we can find to rinse off the suds. This handheld shower is so handy and a huge life saver when it comes to washing Mackie. I’m sure it will be just as helpful for Crosby once she gets older and more squirmy in the tub.

This post was sponsored by Moen, all opinions are my own.