This sweet boy is eight months old today. It really goes even faster the second time… if that’s possible. I had to squeeze him into a onesie that was at least 2 sizes too small for this shoot, I’ll be ordering him onesies in the correct size now.

He’s still a really chill, easy going baby most of the day. He stays up for about an hour after Crosby goes to bed and turns into a WILD MAN. He gets loud and only wants to crawl around. A few weeks ago he was waking up around midnight several nights in a row. A friend suggested having him take a cat nap in the late afternoon/early evening for about a half hour. We’ve been doing that for the past week and he’s back on track.

I’ve had some requests to share his daily schedule so I thought I’d do that in this month’s update.

8:30/9 am – Wake up and takes a 4-5 oz bottle

9 am – Playtime, he crawls around or jumps in his jumper

9:30 am – He’ll usually take a bottle with another 4-5 oz. I wish he’d take a bigger feeding when he first wakes up but he seems to like to graze in the morning.

10:30 am – If we’re home he’ll take a nap in his crib for about an hour and a half. If we’re out he takes a shorter nap in the car/stroller/.

12 pm – Bottle and playtime. Usually about 5-6 oz and he plays for awhile.

1:30/2 – Takes a longer nap in his crib. This is my work time when both kids are napping.

3:30 – Another 4-5 oz bottle and then we get Crosby up and get ready and either walk to the park or head out in the car.

5:30/6 pm – Evening cat nap for 30 min in his crib.

6:30 pm – Eats dinner in his high chair. Usually eats most of the jar of baby food.

7 pm. – takes a bath every other night

7:30 pm – Playtime with me and Jeff after Crosby goes to bed

8 pm – 5-6 oz bottle

8:30 pm – bed

Each day varies a little, but the more I stick to the schedule the better he does. Babies love schedules and mine have both thrived on one.

Ok, ordering more onesies now. 😉

Thanks for reading!