In less than two months I’m turning 30… (eeek!) and I still want to look like I’m 24. But since I love being in the sun I and I am not about to start getting botox, I need really good skin care products to help me along the way. Enter Enza Essentials. Recently I was introduced to them and fell in love with their great products that are formulated and unique to every one of your needs. I answered a few basic questions about my skin and received a box of products and guide to help me on my quest to look like an early twenty-something. I learned great tips like to wash my face twice with the cleanser- the first cleanse rids the face surface of pollutants and the second penetrates the skin deeper.


I’ve been using the sustaining system for two weeks now and can honestly say I notice a difference in my skin. My favorite product is the sustaining glow cream – it brightens the natural glow of environmentally stressed skin. While you can’t undo sun damage it’s always important to take the right steps to preserve your skin.