I’m still coming off of the most fun and jam packed 4th of July weekend. It was non-stop from Friday afternoon until after the fireworks Sunday night. I posted some of the highlights on my instagram/instagram stories but had a lot of questions about outfit links. I figured it would be easiest to put them all into a post together. I love a good Americana look all summer long!

on me: pullover, jeans, sandals, sunglasses

on Wilder: sweatshirt, shorts, shoes

on Crosby: similar set, shoes

on me: swimsuit, coverup, sandals, hat, sunglasses

on Crosby: swimsuit

on Wilder (pictured in the collage above): swim trunks

hat, top, shorts, sandals

on me: set, sunglasses, sandals

on Crosby: dress

on Wilder: shirt, shorts

on me: dress, sandals, sunglasses

on Crosby: dress