Do you remember 10-15 years ago when designer denim was huge and you could pick out what brand someone was wearing based on the pockets of their jeans? I collected designer jeans like it was my job in college and I didn’t even have a job, so thanks mom and dad!

These days there are so many great denim brands that aren’t necessarily designer and Nordstrom carries a bunch of my favorites. Topshop, Free People, Treasure & Bond, Articles of Society are just a few that come to mind and are under $100. But if you want a designer pair my favorites are Citizens of Hummanity, AG and AGOLDE.

As far as denim trends go we’re kind of at the point where anything goes. I was actually talking to a few bloggers at a brunch over the weekend about this and we were cringing over the days when we wore bootcut jeans. Those were huge in the designer denim era of the early 00’s, but have (thankfully) gone away for a bit.

Anyway, wanted to share my current favorite high-waisted, skinny, straight leg and boyfriend jeans in multiple price points.

Happy Wednesday – thanks for reading!