mom with my older brother on his first birthday

Everything I know about style, I learned from my mom.  One of my earliest memories is being around two-years-old and dragging my purse around the house telling my mom to “come on, we’re going shopping” and we would… we still do.

From the time I could talk, I always had opinions and my own ideas about what I wanted to wear, but my mom made sure that I still looked put together enough to leave the house – even if I wanted to wear my neon green fringe bike shorts, of-the-shoulder bright blue tee, and plastic dress-up high heels (I was a child of the late eighties/early nineties).  To this day, she is my favorite shopping partner because she can keep up with me – or rather, she taught me at a young age to keep up with her.

Even though I tease her about her love for wearing so much blue, and packing for a trip on a color scheme (tans, grays, blacks), she always looks flawless and is always ready and willing to help me hunt down whatever item I’m currently lusting over.

last mother’s day wearing our fascinators she made

Love you mom.  Happy Mothers Day!