One thing my mother instilled in me was to wash my face before bed every single night. This is so important! Our skin needs a break to breathe for hours at a time. And who wants to go to bed in the day’s makeup and wake up with a mess on your pillowcase? Ew.

That said, here is my favorite cleanser. It runs about $15 at Target or any drug store and lasts so long! It’s gentle and light but really does the job.

I know clarisonic brushes are all the rage these days but I’m keeping it old school (2008) with my Neutrogena microdermabrasion system I use this a few times a week before I shower and my skin feels soft and exfoliated after.

A good moisturizer is a must. At night I like something that is really powerful so my skin doesn’t dry out while I sleep, CeraVe, is my fav.

In the mornings, I opt for BB Cream with at least an SPF of 25. I’ve tried so many but Smashbox is my favorite. However, at almost $40 a bottle it’s a little pricey. Maybelline makes the best drugstore version and will only set you back about $8.


**I have purchased all of these products on my own. This is my opinion, I am not paid to promote these brands/products.