What’s better than one blogger? Two, obviously! Sisters in the City is one of my very favorite blogs is written by this stylish sister pair who lucked out when they married brothers. I love following former west coaster Corbynn (the blonde) and her sister-in-law Allison (brunette) as they navigate their way through colder cities and look fabulous every step of the way.

When and why did you start blogging?

We started blogging in July of 2012. Why? Because it looked fun! We thought it would be a good way to spend our time together and it really has been.

How long did you know each other before you started?

Two years, but it seems like so much longer! Have we really become such good friends so fast?

What have you learned about each other from working together?

C: I have learned just how smart and tenacious Allison is. I could have never done it without her. There were a couple times in the beginning where I might have given up, but Allison isn’t a quitter.

A: I have learned that Corbynn is a master multi-tasker! She can juggle a billion blog tasks at once without missing a beat!

What’s the best thing blogging has brought to your life?

C: The best thing blogging has brought to my life is an outlet for creativity. I’ve always loved photography, so having a reason to learn more about it has been great.

A: I love connecting with our followers and fellow bloggers. We have met so many amazing people that we never would have known if it weren’t for our little blog.

How do you spend your weekends?

We love to spend our weekend exploring our respective cities with our respective husbands. We love trying out new restaurants, taking day trips and seeing what the world has to offer!

Favorite color this second?

C: pink, always and forever.

A: Black, or anything neon.

Dream vacation spot?

C: If I could go anywhere it would be Greece. The mixture of history and natural beauty make it the #1 place on my list.

A: Corbynn is stealing all my answers haha. I love ancient history, especially Roman and Greek history so Greece and Italy are at the top of my list.

Other than the essentials, what’ one thing you won’t leave the house without?

C: Chapstick. I won’t go anywhere without it, not even on a run or to the grocery store. I have to have it with me. I’m weird, I know.

A: A water bottle. I swear I drink more water in a day than anyone I know. I hate being thirsty so I always have H2O handy.

Advice to other bloggers?

Quality over quantity. Make your posts count! Don’t post something you don’t feel confident about. Readers appreciate consistency.

Make sure to visit Corbynn and Allison over at their blog Sisters in the City