Happy Tuesday! Between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday I know lots of people are all online-shopped-out.

I’m still trying to make a dent in my Christmas shopping – as well as take advantage of the sales and cross things off my own list as well. I thought it would be fun to share my five most recent purchases.

Dining Chairs

I posted about the dining room table Jeff built here and since then we’ve been looking for a few more chairs. A few months ago we found two we absolutely loved at Home Goods but needed three and could not track down a third. I have a love/hate relationship with stores like Home Goods – they have amazing deals but when you’re looking for a specific item it’s nearly impossible since all stores have different inventory. We called every HG in a 100 mile radius and could not locate the chair, so we let them go.

Finally, on Cyber Monday I was browsing Anthropologie chairs and found some I loved even more. I took advantage of the 20% off + free shipping and ordered three right away. I’ll keep you posted once they arrive.


Another dining room purchase. We knew we wanted a Sputnik but were having trouble finding one we loved. Jeff found this one over the weekend and we thought the price was a mistake. Too good to be true? Hopefully not, it should be arriving any day now.

Stocking (In red because the blush sold out)

About three years ago I bought Jeff, Mackie and I matching stockings at West Elm that have our names embroidered on them. Last year, when I was pregnant, I went to order one for the baby only to find out they no longer carried them. I searched for something similar but was a little disappointed with the options. A few days ago I came across this one  at West Elm. It’s not identical (ours are solid cream with pom poms) but I love it for Crosby. ugh nevermind, it sold out already 🙁

Family Pajamas

I’m such a sucker for pj’s. I have so many pairs but am always looking for cute new ones. This year I knew I wanted matching ones for our family. I found these and even purchased a size 12 month pair for Mackie!


A good steamer is really hard to find. I’m pretty picky with them since I worked at Access Hollywood with the best industrial strength steamers. Last summer I ordered a travel one and it’s been terrible. I did some research and found this one that’s rated super high. Plus the price is amazing!

Thanks for reading! XO