As of tomorrow, I have been blogging for one year. And while that does not make me an expert by any means ,I feel like I’ve learned a few things to pass down to new bloggers or someone who is wanting to start a blog. Here are five things you should have if you’re planning to start a fashion blog.

1. A dot com

As cute as your blog name may be, going to “my cute blog” dot wordpress dot com day after day seems unprofessional. If you’re going to take the time to start a blog, pay the $15 or whatever a year for a dot com. It’s so much cleaner and easier than spouting off a long url for an unsuspecting potential follower to remember.

2. A steamer


Between work and home I probably spend more time with my steamer than I do with a lot of my friends. Wrinkles show up in pictures, and look just as sloppy as they do in real life. The times I’ve gone without steaming I’ve regretted it big time. Do yourself a favor and invest in a steamer if you plan to take any outfit pictures.

3. Business cards


Unless you never mention your blog outside of your house, you’d be crazy not to have business cards made Before I had mine designed I scoured etsy and found so many cute options for affordable prices. You put so much work into your blog, don’t you want cute cards to reflect that?

4. A social media presence

I was a little late to the party on that one, but being active and engaging on twitter, pinterest and instagram can really grow your traffic. If you tweet/insta/pin images and links from your blog you might gain some new followers who wouldn’t have found you otherwise. Another tip, synchronize all your handles so you’re consistent on all fronts. It’s much less confusing and cleaner that I’m @ashnfashn everywhere.

5. Clear photos


When I go back and look at some of my earlier photos I cringe a little. In this year I’ve learned so much about photography and I’m not even the one behind the lens. Something else I learned later was simple editing goes a long way. For the first 8 or so months the only editing I did was resizing but since I started playing with exposure and other color levels I’ve noticed a big change in my pictures for the better.