Have you heard of hair chalking?! It’s a new technique used to temporarily add fun colors to your hair. This weekend I was curious and decided to give it a try. I bought a set of 36 soft chalk pastels at Michael’s (for only $4.99) and got to work.

Note: make sure you don’t get oil pastels, they will do all sorts of horrible things to your hair.

I read up on this a lot beforehand – if you have any hair color other than blonde, you need to dampen the strands of hair before you chalk them. For blondes it’s not necessary, however, if you’re like me and want the color to last a little longer go ahead and dampen them. Also, remember this is a messy process so don’t wear anything you have sentimental attachment to and try to buy plastic gloves – I forgot and only had those unfortunate yellow cleaning ones and they were unusable.

Have fun!

I washed my hair yesterday and the streaks faded but are still in tact. All in all, its a fun and super inexpensive way to experiment with color.