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Now that Crosby is on the move I’m on the hunt for hard-sole shoes that will fit her tiny feet. These days if she’s awake she wants to be walking/running around, so we’re all getting a good workout! The only problem is she wears a size 2 in infant shoes and most of the harder sole shoes start at a bigger size.

I turned to instagram the other day for suggestions on any shoe brands that make walker shoes in small sizes. I got a lot of requests to share what I learned, so I thought putting them together in a blog post would be the best choice.

Stride Rite  – This one seemed to be the clear winner with the most suggestions. I wore Stride Rite shoes in elementary school so I’m happy to see they’re still around. There’s a lot of options on Amazon.

Converse – high tops and low tops  Apparently some retailers have small sizes in converse. The two linked have multiple color options and are definitely my favorite.

Toms – I also got a lot of suggestions for Toms! Again, on different retailer websites there are small sizes available… you kind of have to look around.

Keds – I would have never thought to look at Keds if it weren’t for a suggestion. Like Stride Rite there are lots of styles/sizes available and they seem to be a good option.

*I also want to note I received comments that soft sole shoes are perfectly fine for toddlers. In fact they may help with coordination down the road. That’s amazing! Obviously I’ll never give up on soft soles, Freshly Picked are our all-time favorite. I just want a sturdier shoe for her to run around and play in without worrying about it getting ruined as quickly.

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