Is it too early to start counting down to the weekend? I thought a cheese plate post might help turn up this Tuesday. I’m definitely not the most domestic, but I can handle a cheese plate. They’re the perfect appetizer for a dinner party… or just a random Tuesday. And they’re so easy to make! A little creamy, a little savory, a little tangy, a little sweet… my recipe for making the perfect cheese plate. It’s taken me a few years but I think I’ve finally mastered this fine art.

table runner, cheese board, wine glass

I picked up everything at Trader Joe’s, here’s what I got:
  1. Brie Cheese
  2. Fig & Olive Crisps (Jeff’s not a huge fan of these but I can’t get enough of them)
  3. Spanish Meat Sampler
  4. Raw Almonds
  5. Green Olives
  6. Toscano Cheese with Cracked Black Pepper (a favorite in our house, we go through this so fast)
  7. Strawberries
  8. Olive Tapenade
  9. Blue Cheese
  10. Classic Original Water Crackers

Cheese boards are one of our favorite things to order when we’re out for drinks. And we often make them at home for dinner when we don’t want to or can’t go out. Add in a little (or a few bottles) of wine and it’s the perfect at home date night.

There’s really no wrong way to create a cheese plate… at least in my book. Have fun with it! Make sure you have a few different cheeses, crackers or bread, and whatever else you’d like. I forgot to pick up my favorite Fig Butter the last time I was at Trader Joe’s but that’s usually a big staple for me. I also love to do honey or another kind of jam for a fun sweet spread.

What do you put on your cheese plates? I love hearing and seeing different ways to do it!