It’s been a year since I first discovered BB cream and about nine months since I began posting about it  (at this point it should have it’s own category on here) and now scientists and cosmetologists and chemists and the like have gone and topped it… or at least tried to.

Enter CC Cream.


Billed as “an improved and refined BB cream,” it was originally formulated in Germany and has recently gained a big following in Asia (much like BB) and is making its way to Europe and the US for it’s miracle skin-regenerating properties.

I mean,  I didn’t even know we needed to improve the BB but I get what they’re saying and appreciate what they’re trying to do. So I did what any reputable fashion and beauty blogger would do, I searched for it high and low and when I couldn’t find it at my Sephora, Ulta, CVS or Target I ordered it.

Well guess what? It’s exactly like BB cream.

Save your $$$.