It might be because I have light eyelashes, but mascara is hands down my favorite beauty product. Even on days when I’m going for a clean look I love to finish it off with a couple swipes of mascara. I love trying new products but there’s nothing more disappointing than being stuck with a brand new tube of mascara that you hate. My mascara prerequisites? Lengthen, define and add volume… all in one, of course. It may seem impossible but I’ve broken down my top three that fit the bill.

Let me know your fav!

must have mascaras$ – Maybelline “Big Eyes”: After seeing the commercial on this new mascara I was intrigued and had to try it. The brush has two sides; one wider for top lashes and the tiny one for bottom, which makes it easy to tackle the lower lashes without smudges.
$$ – Benefit “They’re Real”: This mascara is a trusty fav of mine. I love how the brush has a rounded end making it easy to reach each and every lash. This one is by far the best for definining individual lashes.
$$$ – Chanel “Inimitable”: Obviously the most expensive but a worthwhile purchase for a big event. Every once in a while I splurge on this mascara and it always lives up to my expectations.