Sponsored by Purina and Amazon

When I get up early to get work done I can always count on Mackie to wake up with me and keep me company. We’ve got a little routine.. she follows me out of bed, I let her out in the backyard for a few minutes and then she eats her breakfast while I drink my coffee. It’s our special morning quiet time before the rest of our house wakes up and chaos ensues.

I think what really gets her out of bed is her obsession with her shredded blend lamb and rice by Purnia Pro Plan. As I mentioned in my last post we’ve been feeding it to her for a few months and love how healthy it is for her. It has so many benefits formulated based on Mackie’s needs, I know we’re giving her exactly what she needs right now.

When I start to see our stash going down, I can easily order it with a few clicks on Amazon. So convenient for everyone!

Once I settle in at my computer Mackie follows me and snoozes by my feet. After awhile she gets an energy burst and goes outside again to run around and chase squirrels and birds or just lay in the sun. And then she gets tired and comes back for a little nap… repeating this over and over until her human sister gets up to play with her. She is truly thriving and living her best life – I think it’s thanks in part to Purina Pro Plan.