I work in the entertainment industry and come face-to-face with celebrities on a daily basis so I don’t get “starstruck” often.  There are only a handful of celebs still living I’d go crazy to meet and my top two are Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.  I feel like I grew up with the twins and often refer to myself as the Olsen triplet, even though I’m two years older and about two inches taller.  And yeah, I share a name with Ash so I guess it would be weird for us to be sisters.

My fav era of Olsen is around mid 2004 when they first moved to NYC and showed up everywhere.  I absolutely adored their style and “I don’t give a F” attitude, which was apparent because they often accessorised with a Vente Starbucks cup.  The girls were attending NYU and accepting every invitation in town, so were photographed all the time.

I totally miss these days and find myself wanting to photoshop myself into every single shot.