Nine months! As much time out in the world as Wilder was in the womb (roughly). I am in disbelief that my baby will be one in just three short months. It’s happening though, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. We’re already seeing the bittersweet signs of him starting the transition from baby to toddler. The other day we had to adjust his crib mattress all the way the lowest position.

He’s still the sweetest baby and absolutely thrives on a schedule. Which is much harder to stick to with an active toddler. He’s not great at napping on the go (stroller/car seat), so we if we have something in the morning he often skips that nap and just takes a long one in the afternoon. I try to have him take two naps in his crib whenever and however I can because he’s really only fussy when he’s tired or hungry.

Schedule wise, not much has changed since last month. He is going to bed a half hour earlier but that’s not major. However he’s now eating 2-3 meals a day in his high chair. Working on feeding him on a consistent schedule, but again, so much harder this time around because I’m playing with/feeding Crosby too. I had also forgotten how much work goes into feeding a baby… between the battle for the spoon and the clean up, it’s a part time job.

Since feeding seems to be the theme of this post I thought I’d share my favorites for mealtime.

High Chair + cushion/tray set


Sippy Cup



Bottles, I’m also interested in trying this attachment 

Baby food

Also love these pouches

Baby food maker if you want to go that route

Wipes for cleaning up all the messes

Bumbo – great high chair alternative for a small space/travel

Hope you’ve had a great week – thank you so much for reading and following!