I’m happiest when I’m insanely busy. Sure I value my downtime and can be a homebody, but there’s something about the rush of a packed (but organized) schedule and the high that comes from it that I can’t describe.

My new job has kept me very occupied, I’m a producer of fashion and pop culture segments for the website Celebuzz. Last week I had a day that was booked to the minute. I started with a fun interview with Brooke Burke, who partnered with Brita to bring filtered water bottles to schools. After Brooke I headed to a hair salon to shoot a fall hair trends segment and then to the famous Regent Beverly Wilshire, or as I call it the “Pretty Woman” hotel for a Stella & Dot breast cancer event and holiday preview. An exhausting but extremely fulfilling day.

Disclaimer: it’s not as glamorous as it looks. Not pictured is the sweating to death outside in Pasadena in near 100 degree heat while waiting for Brooke, finally scarfing down lunch/dinner from Chipotle at 5 pm or ducking into the Apple store for a car charger to save my phone and having to buy two different things in order for the new iPhone to get some juice.

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