As you may have read in myA New Mom’s Favorite Gadgetspost, “Roomby” the Roomba has recently become the fifth member of our family.  

In the later months of my pregnancy, a few complications had me both tired and being careful about how much I did around the house. This was perfect timing to team up with iRobot around their Roomba 980 vacuum!

The Roomba 980 is a robot vacuum like you’ve probably seen, but this model has the capability to clean your entire house in under 2 hours!  It’s also WiFi connected which Jeff was so excited about I can’t even tell you.  I didn’t really get the benefits of this until he explained… we can be out to dinner, or on vacation somewhere, and we just open the iRobot app and push a button to have Roomby clean the house while were gone.  What!?!??!? I may never push a vacuum again. 

We use Roomby everywhere now. At first I was skeptical that he could do the rugs as well as he did the wood floors or the tile. He can. I was worried he’d get stuck in corners or behind the thresholds in some areas of our house. He doesn’t. And I was worried I’d have to go around and vacuum some areas more after he did his thing. I don’t. 

For busy moms or just busy people, I can’t recommend the Roomba enough.  I realize the 980 is a pricey item but they have several models and one of the smaller ones may be fine for your home. And besides, can you really put a price on sitting back with a glass of wine while a robot cleans your whole house for you?? 😉