For the past 4 months I’ve felt like a legit paparazzi. Jeff and I even sing the Lady Gaga chorus to each other when we walk into a room and find the other one doing a full-on photo shoot with Crosby!  All of you mamas out there know exactly what I’m talking about. We just can’t take enough photos of our little peanut.

And if we’re paparazzi, there’s no word for what the grandparents are!  For Jeff’s parents, this is their first grandchild and you would definitely know it by walking into their house. Every time we’d text his mom new pictures of Crosby, she’d send them to Target to have them printed immediately and have them up on the wall within hours.  She was going to Target EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
So we discover this company Nixplay that makes really high quality digital frames that you control remotely through an account on their website.  They’re called Wifi Cloud Frames and you can have several Nixplay frames at different locations and you can update them all at once from your computer or your phone.
We got the Seed 7 Inch frame for ourselves. Got my parents the Seed 8 Inch. And got Jeff’s parents the Iris frame. Now whenever we take a picture on our phones we can just open the Nixplay app and send it to all 3 frames at once.  It’s kind of like magic.
This was such a great solution for us and both sets of grandparents, and the perfect gift for any new parents and grandparents out there.