The quote from Mean Girls, “these sweat pants are all that fit me right now” has never suited my life more. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I dislike being pregnant in the winter. Especially this winter where it’s actually been cold and rained more than I’m used to and I’ve needed to bundle up. I know being pregnant in the summer comes with plenty of it’s own challenges, but I’d gladly trade stuffing my body into sweaters and sweatpants for the wardrobe options of the warmer months right now.

sweater c/o, sweat pants c/o, shoes, bag c/o

I just want to wear dresses and bikinis and call it a day. Ha. If I was actually pregnant in the summer I’m sure I’d find something else to whine about, but for now this is my current struggle.

Seeing myself in photos each week is not making this any easier. As my body grows and the temperatures continue to drop, I’m feeling more and more like a blob with each extra layer I wear. Being 5’4 doesn’t really help that. I’ll admit, mentally it’s really hard for me to gain weight… especially with the pressure of social media/my job. When I’m not pregnant I really don’t weigh myself, so seeing the number on the scale go up at the doctor’s office every month is a big struggle. With Crosby I gained 22 pounds total. This time around I’ve already gained 20 and I still have 13 weeks to go.

I’m definitely not saying this for any kind of sympathy and am not meaning to turn this into a pity party, I’m sharing this because I’m sure I’m not the only one that is feeling or has felt this way. Pregnancy is hard. Adding extra pressure on yourself while pregnant is even harder.

All that aside I’m grateful for this experience. I’ve had two healthy pregnancies without many complications which is more than I could ever ask for.

I’m just over here hoping the weather warms up so I can wear what I want. Until then expect to see less of me and more of other areas of my life on here.

sweater c/o, sweat pants c/o, shoes, bag c/o

Thanks for listening. XO