Happy New Year! Can I still get away with saying that? I’m not sure how it got to be the second half of January but here we are! The past 8 weeks have been a busy blur but I can feel it starting to slow down and starting to get easier. Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself. I wanted to share a round up of outfits I’ve worn and loved lately. A mix of athleisure, jeans and dressing for cold weather (50 degree mornings at drop off are cold)!

top, cardigan, sunglasses, jeans

bodysuit, purse, jeans, boots

jacket, sunglasses, leggings, sneakers

sweater, shorts

on me: sunglasses, sweater, leggings, socks, similar sneakers

on Wilder: vest, shirt, jeans, boots

jacket, top, leggings


cardigan, sweatshirt, leggings, socks

on me: coat, leggings, shoes

on Crosby: sunglasses, shirt, coat, leggings, shoes