My favorite way to travel to the east coast is a red-eye flight. Because they’re so late at night/early in the morning I’m able to fall asleep on one coast and wake up on another. It’s like time traveling! However, they can also be miserable if you’re not prepared. I’ve picked up some tricks that work for me and wanted to share.

    1. Always take your makeup off before the flight. I prefer to wash and moisturize my face at home before I leave, but you can also do it in the airport before you board if you’re more comfortable. Planes are terrible for you skin and it’s really important for your skin to breath during the flight. I like to keep a small thing of moisturizer in my bag to reapply before take off and after landing. I also love spritzing water on my face with these.
  1. Buy a big bottle of water before you board. Planes dehydrate me and I hate waiting for the flight attendants to come around, plus the bottles and cups they use are so tiny!
  2. Wear comfortable travel clothes that transition into real life once you land. My favorite travel uniform is a pair of stretchy jeggings, a tank, sweater, bralette and flip flops. But I like to keep a pair of socks to change into during  the flight because I’m always cold.
  3. Pack a sleep mask in your carry on. This one is a no brainer. Here are my favorites…
  4. Drink a glass of wine or cocktail in the airport before takeoff. OK – I know I said planes dehydrate me and obviously alcohol dehydrates you, but this helps me so much.
  5. Bing a book to read if you’re not tired when you board. Reading always helps me to relax and unwind and can even trick your eyes into thinking you’re tired.

Do you have any good travel tips? I’d love to hear them!