I’m a big sucker for matching outfits, especially brother sister matching outfits. I really don’t think there’s much cuter than matching siblings and I’m trying to take advantage while they’re little and I still have semi-control (Crosby will only wear dresses so as long as her’s is a dress I’m good). I wanted to share my favorite place to find their matching outfits!

on me: dress, similar hat

on Crosby: dress

on Wilder: romper we also got this matching shirt

Monica & Andy makes the cutest and softest clothes for babies and toddlers. I loved their newborn outfits for Wilder last year and their matching prints are so cute and unique.

The kids outfits for Wilder’s first birthday were pizza prints from M&A. I also got them these adorable wave outfits – shirt for Wilder and top for Crosby. With the peplum hem we can probably convince her it’s a dress and she’ll just wear bike shorts on the bottom.

Hope you’re having a great week – thank you so much for reading and following!