I am in disbelief that my baby is six months old. How is time moving so quickly? Half a year! As much as I’d like to hit pause I am loving watching him grow and seeing his sweet personality come out more and more. I would be ok with time going a little bit slower though…

This month I wanted to share some of my favorite clothes for baby boys for fall. I purchased Wilder a few things before our trip to Big Bear that are perfect for fall… and even winter weather.

Cowl neck onesie – Wilder wore this in Big Bear with camo mocs and this knit beanie that used to be Crosby’s. He was sooo snuggly. I love that this onesie looks like a sweater Jeff would wear.

Babe denim jacket – This has sat in Wilder’s closet waiting for him for months before he was even born and I was so excited for him to fit into it and wear it in the mountains.

Personalized name onesie – Anything personalized gets my stamp of approval… beyond obsessed with this onesie.

Similar black and white outfit – Black and white is my fav color way for baby boys (it’s probably obvious from Wilder’s nursery)… this set looks so cute and cozy.

shoes: left, middle, right – all from Freshly Picked my absolute favorite baby shoes.

Other items I’m loving… 

Bambo Nature diapers – I rave about these all the time, for good reason! They are the best diapers we’ve ever used. I love that they’re eco friendly too. I seriously never experience leaks or blowouts in them and always miss them if we run out.

I just got this diaper bag in the prettiest fig color. I have it in a couple other colors and it’s honestly the best. I love wearing it as a backpack so I can have my hands free and it has really good pockets/storage inside.

The Nanit monitor – we got one for both kids recently and I’m not sure how we went so long without it. There’s no physical monitor, so it’s all on our phones. But the camera is amazing, it can show a birds eye view over the crib or the whole room (depending on how you mount it) and it can even give updates like how long they’ve been sleeping.

Snuggly bear suit – we actually got this for Crosby two years ago and luckily thought to purchase it in a neutral color so now Wilder can wear it too. It’s perfect for cooler weather and winter and so snuggly.

Water mat – I’m going to include this again because every time I show it on instagram I get lots of questions about it. It’s perfect for tummy time!

Hope you have a great day – thank you so much for reading and following!