I struggle in the kitchen.  I’ve gotten a little better but it’s an area I definitely need to improve in.  In fact, in 8th grade I put salt in snicker doodles instead of sugar in Home Ec and barely passed the class… my parents were not pleased.  I’ve just never had the desire to find and follow recipes, so I haven’t.  Ironically, recently at work, I’ve been thrown into working on healthy food segments with celebrity chefs and professional nutritionists and I’ve picked up on  a few things.

My favorite thing to make after a workout is a Green smoothie.

-one banana

-8-10 slices of cucumber

-one handful of ice

-2 cups of water

-one scoop of protein powder

-one large handful of kale

-one large handful of baby spinach

Another smoothie I enjoy is a Peanut Butter Banana blend

-one banana

-2 spoonfuls of peanut butter

-one package of plain oatmeal (no sugar, no flavor)

-one handful of ice

-2 cups of almond milk

Blend and enjoy!