For the past 6 months, pretty much every new thing that enters our house has been for Crosby… or for me. Actually, tack my pregnancy on and that’s been the case for more like 15 months.

Jeff is the kind of guy who never really wants anything which makes him the worst when it comes to birthdays and holidays! If he (or we) ever need anything, he does quick research and buys it from his phone in 10 minutes. But I know there are things he would like but hesitates to buy for himself…

Like this Newair Cigar Humidor I just got him! And you can get 30% off with code ASHNFASHN

You guys know I’m married to a renaissance man. He has so many interests and hobbies that I can’t keep track. While I may not love some (cigars or motorcycles) as much as others (cooking, wine, and him being able to build just about anything), I try to support all of them.

He’s recently been growing his cigar collection and adding some nicer ones to the mix and he started to worry about the temperature in our house and the humidity we’re having in SoCal. He had been researching refrigerated cigar humidors and was sure this Newair cc-100 was the one. Apparently it holds 250 cigars and keeps them at a perfect temperature and humidity.

Happy husband. And most importantly, it looks pretty on this shelf (#priorities).