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How is it already May? I have a feeling this year is going to go by even faster than any others. I’ve decided Spring is the best time to have a baby. The weather is pleasant and you still have a few months before swimsuit season. Win win. That being said, after I had Wilder I realized I needed some new clothes to get me through spring in the postpartum phase.

Maxi dresses




I love a maxi dress as much as the next person but I’m pretty picky about them. Too much material makes you look like you’re wearing a mumu. Which actually does the opposite of what you want. Here are a few I’m loving right now.

Button front clothes 



I mentioned this in a previous post but anything with buttons in the front is genius for breastfeeding. I’m particularly loving these tops, this short sleeve top and this cute striped dress.

High-waisted jeans


OK, I’m actually not back in my favorite high-waisted jeans just yet but a girl can dream. I love this pair… maybe the item of clothing I missed the most when I was pregnant. Hopefully I’ll be back in them soon. In the meantime I’m loving these high-waisted jeans. I’ve had them forever and was even able to wear them a bit when I was pregnant (both with and without the bellyband). They’re super stretchy, flattering and just work.

Shift dresses 

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Another perk to buying regular clothing when you’re pregnant is that you can wear it after you have the baby too. I wore this shift dress to Crosby’s Birthday party at 36 weeks and am loving the more relaxed fit now too.