This isn’t the first time I lusted after star sandals. A few years ago I first came across this pair of Loeffler Randall sandals and was smitten. I loved the star details and ankle wraps, but couldn’t justify the price at the time. The following year I bought a star and tassel pair somewhat impulsively from a Shopbop sale, but admittedly I haven’t gotten much use from them. Unlike the gold star pair, they’re multi-colored and LOUD (seen here). This year I was wanting a  more versatile pair and I found several to share at every price point!

Star Sandals
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This is the pair I decided on. I plan on wearing them on my Birthday Saturday and again for the 4th of July! This pair is also priced great and comes in three colors. And if I’d seen this pair first, I probably would have bought them because they’re less than $25! However, I still think this pair is so pretty but they’re obviously priced higher.

Which is your favorite?!