Now that I’m a mom I’ve turned into a slight freak about germs. Like most new parents, anytime anyone comes over to see Crosby we make them wash their hands first. Now that she’s a few months old we’ve gone out and about quite a bit and the one thing that continues to give me peace of mind on our excursions is this cute little hand sanitizer Birdie from OLIKA. It literally goes everywhere with me and luckily it’s super cute! Not only is it a hand sanitizer but there is also a hidden pocket for wipes! I don’t know what I’d do without it.

We spend a lot of time outdoors these days, Crosby especially loves the beach. Gone are the days of us bringing just towels when we go. Instead it looks like we’re heading out on a weekend long getaway with the amount of gear you have to bring to the beach with a baby. My beach bag has to double as a diaper bag with an extra change of clothes, bottles, pacis, etc for little miss. Luckily Birdie is super travel friendly and fits in the palm of my hand. I always make sure it’s tucked safely in my bag when we leave the house.

karen walker sunglasses, swimsuit, denim shorts, poolside bag c/o, towel c/o, beek sandals c/o

on Crosby: h&m hat, Janie & Jack swimsuit (old // similar)

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