Now that it’s warming up, I thought it would be a good time for a tanning refresher. I posted this last year before anyone read my blog, and I’ve updated it with new knowledge.

I’m a self-proclaimed self-tanning guru.  I’ve been doing it for years and while I haven’t always had a natural streak free tan, I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way.  I will say that the best way to sunless tan is to get an airbrush tan by a professional… but that’s not always an option.  So here are some tips for the next time you find yourself in need of a last minute glow to compliment your mini-dress or bikini.

Tan towelettes, in my opinion, are the easiest to do on your own.  The towel is a wipe-on cloth that gives you an even streak-free tan without a mess.

tan towelettes

1 .My absolute favorite tan towel is by Kate Somerville, $48 for 8 wipes seems a little crazy, but when you think about it a good airbrush tan is about that price and you should be able to get at least 4 tans out of these.

2. Tan Towel makes a more affordable version that come in two different sizes.  I’ve found that although the full body size is bigger, it still wears out before you can tan your whole body, so I recommend getting the half size and using two for better coverage.

3. Loreal also does a great towelette that I use regularly. You can find these in the lotion section at most drug stores or Targets.

Other tips:

-Always exfoliate and moisturize really well an hour or two before you self tan.

-Use wet ones or makeup remover wipes on the palms of your hands and in between your fingers after you tan.  That way your hands will still match your body but won’t be stained.

Happy tanning!