I spent the weekend in Palm Springs, I hadn’t been in a couple years but it was just as wonderful as I remembered. We rented a house to stay at but it got me thinking of my favorite hotels in the area. Because it’s only about an hour and a half away I’ve gone at least a dozen times over the years and have narrowed down my top three choices for the best hotels.

In no particular order…

The Ace


Ace hotels always have a cool vibe. They’re equal parts hipster and vintage and really make you feel like you’ve just discovered uncharted territory. This particular location really takes you back with it’s vintage mid-century decor. It keeps things pretty simple and embraces the raw beauty of the area. The pool area is a fun and relaxed party with dj’s spinning tracks you wouldn’t hear at a Vegas club. I also love that it’s pet friendly!

The Parker 


Anyone whose ever visited The Parker can attest to it’s beauty. The hotel was designed by one of my favorite interior designers, Jonathan Adler, and his quirky glam marks are everywhere.  The hotel is nesseled back from the street and really makes you feel like you’re far away from everything. It’s the perfect place for a spa weekend and I plan on visiting again soon for just that!

The Riviera

MLF Riviera at night

I first visited The Riviera in high school on spring break with my mom, my best friend and her mom. As uncool as that sounds at the time we had such a great time and I treasure the memories. They’ve since remodeled the hotel and I’ve visited a few times with girlfriends. It has a retro glam vibe that can’t be missed and on the weekends the pool turns into a giant party. It’s not a family resort at all but perfect for weekends away with friends.

**I was not paid to post about these hotels, I truly love visiting each of them.