Often when I’m browsing Pinterest or random blogs I come across items I MUST have but don’t have an original link to find where to purchase them. This leads to a tireless google search. I’m sure if you check my search history you’d see “pink captoe heels,” “turquoise clutch with rose gold chain,” “navy lace shorts” etc. More often than not I am not lead to the original item I searched for and hit a dead end.

Recently I was introduced to TheHunt.com, a site where you can upload pictures of items you covet from Pinterest, Tumblr or anywhere. From there a team of expert fashionistas lead you to the exact piece you’re lusting after. Genius, right?


Have you ever been on a endless search for something? Let me know and be sure to join me on The Hunt so we can help each other out!


*This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.