Hey all – Jeff here again.  Now that it’s getting warmer, we’re spending more time outside in the backyard, by the pool, and at the beach.  To me, this change of seasons obviously means margaritas  and GUACAMOLE!!  Here is my favorite guac recipe just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

INGREDIENTS: ripe avocados; red onion, cilantro, jalapeno pepper, limes.
OPTIONAL: mustard, mayo, Tapatio.


FIRST STEP: Chop up all the veggies!


OPTION: if you don’t like the taste of onions much (like Ash), chop them up first and let them sit in fresh lime juice for awhile. This will cut the bite of the onion.


Chop the cilantro and jalapeno up pretty fine. You don’t want huge pieces in the finished product.

STEP TWO: Cut the avocados in half the long way. Remove the pit (do this by sticking a knife right into the center of the pit and then turning the avo a half turn until the pit falls out). Score the inside of the avocado as shown below, and then scoop the fruit out with a large spoon.


First score the avos in quarters the long-way. Then in thirds the other way. So that’s 5 scores total. Remember, you’re not cutting through the skin, just slicing down into the fruit until your blade is running along the skin.

STEP THREE:  Once you’ve scooped the avocados into the bowl with all the cut veggies, cut those limes in half and squeeze them into the bowl.  (Ash and I both love the lime flavour, so I’ve been known to use 1/2 the number or limes to the number of avos, but it depends on the size of both)


MOST IMPORTANT STEP: When you go to mix up the guac, don’t go crazy!!  You’re not trying to make avocado mush… guacamole should be chunky. I use only knife for this and just keep slicing through it until it gets broken up a lot.


TIP: if you’re pre-making the guac for later that day, put a pit or two in there to preserve it and keep it from browning.

LAST STEP: Serve and eat it. Eat it all. Avocados are pretty healthy for you, as are the veggies!


YUM! Let’s eat!

If you hadn’t guessed, Ash isn’t exactly Julia Child, but she’s my amazing sous chef!  So she may have me do the occasional post with recipes and fun things we’re making to eat or drink.  Full disclosure – my guacamole stinks compared to my dad’s.  (respect, Papa)

If you like them and want to see more, let her know!!