Happy Monday! Hope you had a good weekend – I spent the first half of mine at the SAG Awards and the second half relaxing. I’m excited to share a new series I’ll be doing monthly with all of my favorite things from the past month. This month I have a little of everything: beauty, home decor and fashion in my top ten. ashnfashn january favorites

1. Moraccan Wedding Blanket

I’ve had my eyes on this blanket for over a year. I love the colors and texture and can’t wait until my house is done so I can have it on the couch. It’s helped keep me sane by adding some pretty into the disaster zone that is my house mid-remodel.

2. Bucket Bag

This has been my go-to bag all month. It’s the perfect size for work, but not too big if I go out after or heavy while I shop. It is such a steal at $65, but the best part is the quality is so good!

3. Pixi Glow Mud Mask

I love the idea mud masks. But until this one I hadn’t found one that actually made a difference. I love to put this one on before I take a bath and really let it sink into my skin.

4. Loreal Voluminous Superstar Mascara

I’ve been a longtime fan of Loreal’s mascaras. I used them through high school, college and beyond. I’d been switching it up lately but decided to come back around and try this one and was not disappointed. I love double brushes and the primer… it seriously helps so much!

5. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer 

This one isn’t a new find this month, but I still had to share. I’d been using a bb cream for the past while and decided to go back to this. I’m not a fan of a heavy foundation and this one provides just enough coverage while still staying light.

6. Bare Minerals Bare Haven Moisturizer 

I have combination skin and it takes such a beating in the winter. A good moisturizer is key! I love how buttery this one is but it doesn’t make my skin oily. It actually reminds me of La Mer but for a fraction of the price.

7. Bare Minerals Skinlongevity Serum

I guess I should have said I was obsessed with this whole line. I’ve been really focusing on skin care this month and finding a serum I loved was important to me. I use this on my face and neck at night before applying the moisturizer. I’ve already noticed a difference.

8. Bare Minerals Cleansing Oil

I’d never tried a cleansing oil but it seems to be working! I typically use this one to remove my makeup and then follow with my normal cleanser. However, when I’m not wearing makeup I just use this to cleanse my face.

9. Slippers

Something else that’s not new to me this month but I couldn’t have lived without. I swap my shoes for these babies as soon as I get home. Since they have a rubber sole I can take Mackie out to the backyard without putting regular shoes back on. I go through about a pair of these a year and sometimes even end up wearing them out to run errands.

10. Sweater

I just got this sweater last week and have already worn it three times! It’s so comfy and I love how unique it is. I try to switch it up with different pieces when I’m bored with my wardrobe.

Thanks for stopping by – have a good Monday!